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OCTOBER 24, 2022: In an effort to better align our identity with our core values, we are changing the name of our race program/team effective immediately. Our team will now be known as Torney Race Concepts. As we enter our fifth season of competitive offroad racing, we’ve proven that this hobby is anything but transitory; as we push ahead to overcome new racing and engineering challenges we will use our skills and experience to prevail with unique solutions. We race. We repair. We recraft our rigs. We repeat. And we do it as a family. To us, these roots are crucially important just as the orange and blue that we sport on each and every race rig. Torney Race Concepts is ready for the challenges that the 2023 race season will bring.

Greg Torney View All

Driver of the #428 Draco Motorsports Polaris RZR. Co-Driver for the #804 Can-Am X3 during King of the Hammers. Ultra4!!

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