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Our Sedona Trail Saw Tire Review

The latest addition to the Sedona tire lineup is the Trail Saw. Compared to the Rock-A-Billy, another excellent Sedona offering, the Trail Saw is an entirely new concept. The sidewall is substantially tougher, the tread pattern is superiorly gnarly, and the size options are spot on. Simply put, Sedona nailed it with this tire- continue reading so that we can tell you exactly why.

-Team Draco Motorsports
Trail Saw (35 R15)
Weight47 lbs
Load Rating990 lbs (8 Ply)


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price Point

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Compared to Other 35″ Offerings

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Sedona Trail Saw tire is ground-breaking, particularly for Sedona’s already incredible lineup. In our opinion the most notable characteristic of this tire is that it builds on many of the flaws of the legendary Rock-A-Billy tire. The sidewall is far more rigid against puncture, the tread is much deeper and more comprehensive, and the weight is below average for a 35″ UTV tire. Above all, however, most will LOVE the true size of the Trail Saw in a 35″ offering. We get comments- all. the. time.- at races and trails that these tires look like 37s: yes, these tires are that gnarly. Even though this article will focus on the 35″ version, the Trail Saw lineup is additionally exciting given the myriad of 15″ wheel offerings that it comes in. Once available, more on this below, you will be able to choose from a 30R15, a 32R15, or a 35R15. Get ready!

Have We Tested It Yet?

Yeah. We have.

There’s too many articles out there that review things based on nothing more than a quick read of the main website’s listing or a single outing on a trail. Not us- we’re one of the few individuals that have actually used these tires and have put them through hell. What kind of testing might you ask? How about the Ultra4 Ultracross course at Crandon, WI, littered with nasty boulders, or the 4.5 hour survival event at the Ultra4 Nationals in Davis, OK. Not one flat in either of these events on our 35″ Trail Saw tires. Plain and simple, you won’t be disappointed with a set of the Sedona Trail Saws.

To the Point.

Why are these tires better than other 35″ tires?

  • Below-average weight for a 35″ UTV tire (47 lbs).
  • They actually measure at a full 35″ (and then some).
  • The price point is lower than standard, compared to other offerings.

The weight really does matter when it comes to preserving your UTV. A 55 lb tire, such as the ITP Coyote, will wreck havoc on the longevity of your ball joints and steering system. If you drive hard enough, your hubs and knuckles, especially the aluminum type, will experience a greater frequency of fatigue and micro-fracture: essentially, shortening the usable life before failure. Obviously, even 47 lbs at a radius of 17.5″ from the centerline of your hub is still going to require strengthening of your chassis, to a fair extent, but do understand that these effects compound severely as the weight of your tire increases. The bottom line is that every little bit counts when it comes to staying in the race or keeping your trail rig healthy. For a 35″ tire, the Trail Saws are about as good at gets when it comes to weight.

An important consideration is how the tire actually measures upon install. Do understand that wheel width, air pressure, and vehicle weight will have a substantial impact on this characteristic as well. In our situation, these tires measure about 35.5″. As we see it if your going to add all the additional mass of a 35″ tire you may as well get the full height, right? We’ve seen too many “35 inch tires” that appear like 33s- seems like a bit of a waste doesn’t it?

As far as price point goes, we’ll keep it simple. The MSRP of the Trail Saw is currently listed at $286.95 on Sedona’s website. Most tires, as you likely know, list about 10 to 20% below MSRP- as of March, 2022 you can purchase a set of Sedona Trail Saw Tires from Rocky Mountain ATV for $239. In our opinion, this is an absolute deal-maker: it’s unbelievable how competitively priced these are compared to many of the other offerings out there. For reference, an ITP Tenacity sells for about $240, the ITP Coyote sells for about $250, the GBC Dirt Commander sells for about $265, the BFG KM3 sells for $309, and the Maxxis Roxxzilla sells for about $325. (Prices based on Rocky Mountain ATV) Based on price alone, the Trail Saw is painfully competitive! We absolutely love this tire and couldn’t be happier with how attainable it is for the general public (relatively speaking).

Closing Thoughts

Genuinely speaking, WHEN you can get this tire, do it. You won’t look back on this decision as the Trail Saw is truly remarkable for the offerings that it has. The puncture resistance is profound, the true- measured- height is astounding, and the weight is incredible compared to every other 35″ UTV tire on the market. Sedona truly engineered a leading tire and solved the few setbacks of the Rock-A-Billy.

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