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Our PRP Harnesses Review

Superiorly comfortable, incredibly safe, and aesthetically unmatched- these harnesses are, hands down, one of the best investments for your offroad vehicle.

-Draco Motorsports


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.
Harness Options
4.2, 4.3
5.2, 5.3

We’ll keep this simple and get straight down to the point- these things rock. If your on the fence about buying a set of harnesses for your offroad vehicle, don’t be! A quality set of harnesses will transform your experience out on the trail and, most importantly, keep you safe (especially over those atrocious shoulder-type seatbelts that are frequently OEM equipped). We’re not just randomly suggesting that these are the best harnesses you can buy. We’ve tried other manufacturers harnesses and know very well the downsides to each: our PRP harnesses have been put to the test through nasty rollovers, horribly rough race courses, and casual trail riding. Trust us when we say that these harnesses will work for you.

Let’s Talk Comfort.

If you’ve been using the standard 3-point, shoulder-type seatbelts in your offroad rig, you are likely familiar with shoulder burn. This, as you know, is insanely annoying. What’s more? With the typical retractable/clutch setup on these OEM seatbelts, you have no idea when the belts will hold you tight. The result from all of the constant rocking back and forth, on the rider, is tons of fatigue at the end of the day. A quality set of harnesses, such as PRP, will prevent all of these common issues. Something we especially like about this setup is the insanely soft shoulder pads, standard on all PRP harnesses. Most aftermarket harnesses will come with some sort of shoulder pad but the ones used on PRP products are, by far, the most comfortable.

Industry-Leading Quality

We trust these harnesses unequivocally. The cam-lock, the device that locks each point together, has a very robust/firm feel with a velcro tag as a secondary measure to ensure it stays locked. The feature we especially love on these harnesses is the ease of adjustment AND the ability of these harnesses to hold the adjustment. We’ve had other brand’s harnesses in the past that frequently come loose- this is especially problematic in offroading where the rider is constantly being jarred and rattled by the terrain. With our PRP harnesses, these issues are a thing of the past. They’re so easy to use and extremely well designed to inspire confidence.

Which Type Do I Need?

The options may seem overwhelming at first. The correct answer here, as to which you need, really depends on the type of riding you intend to do. Many casual riders, predominantly on the trails, prefer the 4-point harnesses (4.2 or 4.3) because they have one less ‘point’ (the submarine belt between the legs) to attach. The ‘.2’ or ‘.3’ determines the width of the straps- personally, we prefer the ‘.3’ because it has more area to spread loads and thus, more suitable for increasing comfort.

If you plan on hard riding or racing, you really should consider the 5.2 or 5.3 harnesses- these include an additional securement point with the submarine belt. The benefit of this fifth point is that it gives you more options for adjustment to increase the comfort of your ride- for example, we usually keep the lower belts very tight and the shoulder belts looser (you don’t have this type of flexibility with a 4.2 or 4.3 harness).

Finally, you may be wondering what the 5.3×2 means. If you race, you likely use a neck restraint device over the shoulders. The width of the ‘.3’ strap can interfere with fitment on your neck restraint- as such, the folks at PRP have designed harnesses that taper to a 2 inch strap over the shoulders. This, of course, is all individual preference. Some love it and others are indifferent (like me).

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Driver of the #428 Draco Motorsports Polaris RZR. Co-Driver for the #804 Can-Am X3 during King of the Hammers. Ultra4!!

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