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Our Sedona Rock-A-Billy Tire Opinion

There’s a peculiar advantage with this specific tire- it’s phenomenally lightweight and thus, much easier on the drivetrain than competitors’ tires. The durability, nevertheless, continues to amaze us through each season.

Aesthetic Appeal and Affordability

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sizing Availability

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Tire Size Weight (lbs)
32 10R-15 (Our Choice)37
32 10R-14 (For most OEM Wheels)37.7
30 10R-1436.4
28 10R-1432

When it comes to tire choice, there is one- as we see it- that stands tall above the rest. This is true on several fronts: we need a tire that is durable with a high load rating, it has to be lightweight in order to preserve our axles and hubs, and it needs to be designed in such a manner that traction is always on hand. Our fascination with this tire stems from its very few compromises in all of the aforementioned areas. The Rock-A-Billy truly is a performer that deserves some serious recognition. What’s more? It’s characteristics are bundled into a highly affordable package for the typical weekend warrior and casual trail rider. Read on as we elaborate on the elements that make this tire perfect for YOU.

While the tread patch is aggressive enough for navigating silty or loamy-type soils, we have found it to be perfect in hard-pack conditions as well because of the soft compound’s ability to spread-out and form across the terrain, effectively increasing the traction contact surface.

-Team Draco Motorsports

Durability and Traction

If you’re a sand enthusiast, you may need to look elsewhere. If you ride predominantly deep mud, we would recommend another Sedona offering such as the Mud Rebel or the Buck Snort. HOWEVER, for everyone in between this tire crushes nearly all terrain. In the rocks, the integrated side lugs work to increase the contact patch and offer a noticeable advantage for climbing. On our stock Can-Am X3 XRS, with the factory viscous differential, the ability to clear otherwise troubling obstacles was highly noticeable in Moab, UT after the installation of these tires. For fast riding, such as undeveloped desert terrain or dirt logging roads, we’ve observed a great addition of stability and cornering predictability with these tires. We attribute some of this to the relatively soft compound which lets the tire work with, not against, the flow of the car. Especially when combined with a 5″ or 6″ wheel, such as the Sedona Sano, the convex profile of this tire contributes to ultra-precise steering control at speed.

Comparatively Speaking…

If you’ve been looking at some of the dedicated ‘sticky’ tires on the market, you’ll find that the Rock-A-Billy is a perfect cross between ‘purpose-built’ and ‘practicality’. Yes sticky tires may lend slightly greater traction but understand that the extra soft compound used by competitors can result in accelerated wear (especially if you are in an area that allows for UTVs on roads). Speaking on price point alone, the Rock-A-Billy is an exceptionally reasonable choice given that it is much less than some of the other options available, particularly for what it offers.

After thousands of miles on these tires, we can definitively vouch for its durability. The biggest downside we’ve noticed is its tendency to round at the edges. While the tread patch does phenomenal at maintaining tread, the rounding is primarily just an aesthetic shortcoming after about a thousand miles or so. If you notice the load-rating that Sedona has posted for the Rock-A-Billy (measured at a mere 8 psi), you’ll find that it towers over other offerings on the market. We attribute the single flat we’ve ever had on these tires (primarily our fault anyhow) to the insane strength of the Rock-A-Billy.

An Excellent Overall Choice

You really can’t go wrong with this tire selection. It’s a jack-of-all-trades and performs excellent in the most demanding of conditions. Unlike most of the equipment that we use for our racing, this is one of the few times were everyday riders can easily attain top-tier equipment without crushing their wallet. We recommend this selection unequivocally wherever we go and are happy to make this recommendation to you now.

So let’s be realistic- are there any complaints we have? Not really! We would, however, like to see some more sizing options for 15″ wheels as a handful of OEMs switch to this configuration. In our opinion, 15″ wheels are a superior choice and would perfectly compliment most of Sedona’s tire offerings.

At $234.95 USD, usually attainable for even less at top dealers such as Rocky Mountain ATV, this tire is easily the best on the market for UTV enthusiasts.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It, Take a Look!

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Driver of the #428 Draco Motorsports Polaris RZR. Co-Driver for the #804 Can-Am X3 during King of the Hammers. Ultra4!!

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