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The Racer’s Advantage

Time on the Race Course is too Valuable to Lose

When we race, two primary factors determine the success of the event: our tires and our belts. Regardless of how fast your vehicle is or how strong it may be built, completion of the race is a direct function of your tires.

Characteristics of a Good Tire

  • Low Weight
  • 6 Ply or Better
  • Sidewall Rigidity
  • Tread Quality
  • Tread Block Depth and Profile

Sedona and Legendary Quality

So what exactly do we run on our race car? Sedona: that’s who we started with and that’s who we’ll end with!

Hands down, if you want phenomenal tires the Sedona Rock-A-Billy and Sedona Mud Rebel will not let you down. We run an incredible quantity of races, the 2020 season will average roughly 11, and absolutely put these tires to the test. Phenomenal side-wall pressure from cornering, rutted courses, and 60 foot table-top jumps are just a small handful of the conditions we test our Sedona tires on.

Recreational Use

If you currently run an ‘open’, ‘viscous’, or ‘limited-slip’ differential on the front of your UTV, you will notice a phenomenal difference in the rock crawling ability of your rig. The Rock-A-Billy tires, specifically, incorporate side-wall blocks for this purpose: this tactic essentially doubles the effective surface area of your tires. What does surface area do for you? Traction!

Do They Last?

Absolutely! You may have even noticed the license plate on the back of our race vehicle- we’ve driven all around the entire town of Moab, Utah and Silverton, Colorado with our Rock-A-Billy tires. Guess what we did after? We raced on the same exact set of tires. These things last, we’ve seen it first hand.

And, Of Course, Weight

Weight is absolutely a major consideration when choosing your tires. Rotating or dynamic mass is the one addition that you WILL feel- this type of mass includes that of new wheels, tires, or aftermarket shocks/springs. Heavier equipment will stress critical components such as your ball joints and hubs. If your tires are heavy, your acceleration will suffer and your braking ability will deteriorate. For short course especially, we can not compromise on any of these elements! Sedona tires are notoriously feather-weight: the Rock-A-Billy tires are 37 pounds while the Mud Rebel tires are 35.8 pounds. Given the load rating of these tires, compared to that of competitors, the weight savings offered are phenomenal.

Greg Torney View All

Driver of the #428 Draco Motorsports Polaris RZR. Co-Driver for the #804 Can-Am X3 during King of the Hammers. Ultra4!!

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