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KOH 2020 Preparations (Week 1)

The Draco Cage

Stage 1 .. ..

Week 1 ..

Preparations and Goals

  • General Cage Structure
  • Frame Gusseting
  • Component Planning (Radiator/Intercooler Retrofit)

The Plan

Everything rests on the main structure of the roll cage. Rear-down bars, roof diagonals, door bars, bed-structure, etc. all rely on the integrity and ‘squareness’ of the center structure. For this stage of the build we relied heavily on measurement and calculation to create a center structure that was both rigid and square. Time-consuming as this may be, it will absolutely expedite the construction of the components for the following stage.

To follow this plan, we built several profiles on SolidWorks to identify the proper roof angle for our build. Too aggressive of an angle (much like the OEM cage) results in a weak A-Pillar while too steep of an angle results in a overly tall and awkward cage. The OEM A-Pillar is sloped at roughly 38-degrees: our design is sloped at 48-degrees.

In building this cage we are chasing two primary qualifications: safety and function. Our season is packed full and its going to get competitive- we need a cage that can hold up to ANY thing that we throw its way. For anybody considering an aftermarket cage, please know that the weight of the original, Can-Am factory cage is a pathetic 38 pounds. Yikes.

What’s Next?

Next weekend the main region of the Draco cage (front bumper to main cabin) will essentially be finished in its entirety. At the moment we’re just waiting on some DOM tube to come our way! We will begin modeling the rear section of the cage, take a look at fitment for our new Mishimoto radiator and monster Mishimoto Intercooler, and finish up planning/scope for the next several weeks at least.

And Ofcourse!

This upcoming season is going to be absolutely incredible and absolutely possible because of our team partners. We have some big orders coming their way shortly and want everyone to know how thankful and appreciative we are for their support!

Greg Torney View All

Driver of the #428 Draco Motorsports Polaris RZR. Co-Driver for the #804 Can-Am X3 during King of the Hammers. Ultra4!!

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